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"A comedy of manners with fangs."
—Christopher Moore, NYT Bestselling author 

"A cross between Bridget Jones's Diary and Interview with the Vampire."
Latina Magazine

"Cool characters, witty dialogue, and laugh out loud moments in this Jane Austen channeled vampire romp.”
—All Things Urban Fantasy

"The first thing that the author has done is throw away all of the old established vampire clich├ęs.  Happy Hour At Casa Dracula is a comedy of manners and it reminds me of the writing style of Jane Austen in places...perfect summer reading material."
—Love Vampires

Latina Ivy League grad Milagro de Los Santos is a round peg in a square world, not quite fitting in anywhere, but still managing to have fun in her haphazard city girl life of part-time gardening jobs, clubbing, and arty boyfriends. She also writes political horror stories about zombies, but worries that she may be as insubstantial as her relationships. Then one night, at a book party for her pretentious ex-boyfriend, she meets Oswald, a fabulous man who tells her he's interested in her writing. A mad kissing session leads to a fall, cut lips, and an accidental exchange of blood.

Then for the first time in Milagro's life, she becomes sick...and has cravings for raw meat and an aversion to sunlight. The ex-boyfriend kidnaps her, accusing her of being a vampire, and the fabulous stranger's family comes to her rescue.

Milagro hides away to recover at his family's wine country estate. The family thinks she's a trashy golddigger. She thinks they're awfully snobby for people who claim not to be vampires, but merely to have a genetic "condition." Oh, and fabulous Oswald is already engaged to an equally fabulous woman, her ex-boyfriend's still hunting her down, a decadent aristovamp visitor Ian Ducharme has taken a special interest in Mil, and she's lost her apartment and all her possessions.

With all these distractions it will take every bit of energy to behave like the sincere and serious person Milagro knows she's meant to be.

"Acosta's prose is brash and amusing....It's a winner"
—The Star Democrat

"No margaritas are required to make Happy Hour at Casa Dracula laugh-out-loud funny."
—Fresh Fiction 

“What raises this book head and shoulders above the rest of its genre are the strong characters... The combination of the humour and fast pace made Acosta’s book one of the best that I’ve read in a long time.”