A Dog to Guide My Soul, Coyote Run Book 3, will be released in Spring 2022. I chose this title because folktales from around the world have featured dogs as companions into and through death. Canine rehabilitator Maddie "Mad Girl" Whitney needs her pack more than ever as she faces her most difficult challenges, both physically and emotionally.

The holidays begin with the return of her problematic brother Raymond and a shocking murder at a Thanksgiving celebration. Despite a huge crowd, there are no witnesses, and any evidence is washed away with the torrential rains that have ended the long months of drought.

The storms bring accidents and discoveries, including that of a baby abandoned at Maddie's ranch. Who would leave a child with someone so unfit to care for children? And the event brings up a discussion that Maddie doesn't ever want to have with her partner, Sheriff Oliver Desjardins. 

She searches for answers, feeling too spread out, never expecting that women from the past, some recent and some long ago, will destroy what little peace she has. Maddie struggles against her own worst instincts, depending on her dogs to guide her to the higher path...even if it breaks her heart.