So here's the scoop.  I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and I can never seem to get away from here for long despite my continual fear of earthquakes. Yes, that's all I got out of the geology classes I took at Stanford and geophysicist friends. That and a nifty rock pick.  If you haven't gone to the desert and smashed things with a rock pick, you don't know what you're missing.

I went to Stanford and received degrees in English & American Lit and Creative Writing, which qualified me to do very little except read books.  That was my goal all along, but no one pays you to do that. I studied in England and missed the sun. I worked in non-profits and the theatre and missed getting paychecks.

I live with the fabulous spouse and have a wild and wonderful son and a new mutt after my beautiful old dogs passed away. I'm adjusting to our drought climate by replacing rose bushes with succulents. I struggle daily with the temptation to steal cuttings from a neighbors garden.

I've won some awards for my writing, but I get a real thrill when a fan sends me an email. What do people say about my writing? They frequently say, "I don't know what kind of book this is." Sometimes they say they eventually realize my stories are subverting something or transgressing something or post something or pre another thing. My writing is mentioned in academic papers and books. I know!

Years ago a friend told me that she wrote off the cost of her dogs' upkeep because her business was writing books about dogs. I thought to myself, that is a swell idea! I have finally written a book with a canine theme. I'm going to tell people that I did it only for tax purposes, but the truth is that, for me, my home is not a home without a dog.

The photo at left shows my dogs, Bosco and Betty, who lived to a fine old age. I miss them terribly. I have another rescue dog, Lola. She destroyed two sofas, a few rugs, etc., before she calmed down. Sort of calmed down. She's snoozing on the bed now, appearing innocent of any furniture mauling.

You may notice that I constantly change my book covers and even book titles. It's one of my issues. I have a lot of issues.

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