"Pure and heartfelt. Well constructed, deftly written and beautiful all the way through. Poetically powerful insight into both animal and human behavior and a satisfying ending. ★★★★★"
—Amazon Reviewer
Broken-hearted Maddie Whitney, aka Mad Girl, is a dog rehabilitator whose significant behavioral issues make her an outcast in the small rural Northern California town of Coyote Run. When Maddie discovers a murdered woman in a field, she impulsively claims that she's an animal psychic to gin up business.

Now the girl who can't make eye contact is the focus of the wrong kind of attention.

Maddie's forced to start a Search and Rescue team with her ex-girlfriend's twin brother, Oliver, a hostile sheriff, or risk losing her beloved former military dog. As she trains Oliver to be a dog handler, their relationship evolves from animosity to respect and more.

Difficult and complicated Maddie makes new friends, faces life-threatening dangers, and tests her ability to function without the protective walls she's built around her.

"The Dog Thief has taken preconceptions of how to portray autism and crafted a genre hopping narrative, as rich and diverse as the spectrum itself! ★★★★★"
—James Sinclair, Autistic & Unapologetic

 A passionate and awkward dog rehabilitator. A suspicious boat explosion. An alluring young widow.

When Maddie “Mad Girl” Whitney rescues a half-dead fighting dog, she doesn’t realize she’s holding the key to revealing brutal criminals hiding in plain sight. As the summer temperatures increase, so do her problems — including a gruesome discovery after a K-9 Search and Rescue.
The sweltering weather is affecting everyone. Her partner, Sheriff Oliver Desjardins is keeping secrets and his new deputy has it out for Maddie. Her veterinarian friend is spending a suspicious amount of time with an enticing widow.  And Maddie must retire her beloved military vet dog and team up with untamed and extraordinary Vixen.
Without her sister nearby, Maddie reverts to compulsive behaviors. Is she spinning out of control or is she on the verge of learning the truth about the town’s biggest mysteries? 

All Maddie wants to do is bring her family and friends back together and stop the dog-fighters. But first, she must survive the most dangerous night of her life.
"Maddie is unfailingly funny, sometimes cringe-worthy and always engaging. Her insight into the behavior of her beloved pack juxtaposed with her bafflement about the people surrounding her allows for unexpected glimmers of wisdom. A fast moving multi-stranded plot is enlivened by a great cast of supporting characters. I love the Coyote Run books. ★★★★★"
—Amy E.K.

A brazen murder in a crowd with no witnesses.  The secrets women keep. Old grudges and shocking new demands.
Canine rehabilitator Madeleine "Mad Girl" Whitney faces her most challenging times when the holidays begin with the return of her problematic brother Raymond and a murder at a Thanksgiving weekend event. Despite a huge crowd, there are no witnesses to the bold crime, and any evidence is washed away with the torrential rains that end the long months of drought.

The storms bring accidents and discoveries. Maddie searches for answers, feeling too spread out, never expecting that ghosts from from the past will destroy what little peace she has. She struggles against her own worst instincts, grateful for her pack, the dogs that offer companionship and guide her to take the higher path, even as it breaks her heart.