Casa Dracula Book Four

"Milagro is back and wittier than ever! A phenomenal series."
Romantic Times

“I have loved the Casa Dracula series from the moment I picked up the first book in the series and nothing has changed now that we're down to the last one. You just never want it to end…”
—Fresh Fiction

Milagro De Los Santos is forced to take another ghostwriting job for hoaxer Don Pedro when she can’t pay her condo fees. Her romantic life isn’t much better. She’s conflicted about her fling with Vampire Council member Ian Ducharme and still yearning for her ex-fiancé, Dr. Oswald Grant, and her life at his wine-country ranch.

When Ian’s flirtations with a pretty neighbor infuriate Milagro, she travels to London, and the blood really hits the fan. People around her are dying grisly deaths, and Milagro’s framed for murder. She escapes to Oswald’s ranch, but an accident gives her amnesia and she forgets her entire existence as the only human survivor of a vampire infection. Will Milagro make all the same mistakes, or will she discover the real killers and finally get to use the Margaritanator 3000 at her wedding reception?.

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Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Best of the Year
Love Vampires Editor's Choice

"The author…draws on the influences of classic literature, Jane Austen in particular, mixing it up with her own unique style to create a hugely enjoyable and intelligent reading experience.”
—Love Vampires

“The plot Acosta delivers is frustratingly great, and surprises you at every turn... The idea of second chances is nothing new but the way in which Acosta creates such an opportunity is crafty and oh so delicious.”
—The Spinecracker

"Danger, sizzling hot sex scenes, an imaginative and diabolical plot, witty repartee, vampires, zombies and a wonderfully poignant ending, which nearly brought me to tears… Extraordinary and hilarious."
—Romance Junkies

“This is the grand finale for Milagro De Los Santos—and her send-off is absurdly wonderful and befitting the unique Casa Dracula series…"
 —Chick Lit Plus