Russian Edition of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
To celebrate the upcoming release of The Dog Thief, I'm offering Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, the first in the Casa Dracula series, as a free ebook! This is now available at Amazon, iBooks/iTunes, and other online stores.

My new book is about a dog rehabilitator and my first novel is a story about an aimless young woman who gets involved with vampires so where's the connection? One of my favorite reviewers said:
"I sort of love the way Marta Acosta tramples a lot of conventions. She writes messy love, screwed up characters, awkward situations and scathing diatribes." —Alpha Books
That's the connection. I also love to write in first-person with a slightly delusional, occasionally untrustworthy narrator. The fun is in conveying a story from one point of view, letting the reader observe things that the narrator sees, but doesn't comprehend or misinterprets.

Please tell your friends about my free ebook!

By the way, I was messing around with another version of the book covers before deciding to go with the illustrated covers. This is why you'll see another style on bookstore sites. Do you like them less, more, no difference? What do you think? I like both styles, but I also painted my bedroom hot pink and apple green, a decision I have long regretted.

Mil's favorite color is leopard print.