The She-Hulk Diaries Poster
My writing process consists of a lot of daydreaming, and I do this on daily walks with my dog, Lola. I haven't yet figured out a crucial character for my current project, the second in the Coyote Run series, but it will eventually come to me. The working title is Trickster God, or maybe Trickster Dog, because I've always been fascinated by the trickster gods in folklore.

I delight in a good con artist, a hoaxer, a charlatan,  I'm very fond of crazy-as-a-bug Don Pedro, who appears in my Casa Dracula books and convinces Milagro to ghostwrite his loony autobiographies. Or, as she calls them, his "fauxoirs."

So that's where I am on that: still daydreaming, starting and stopping and chopping out chapters.

In other news, there's word that Marvel will be producing a She-Hulk series for streaming. Yay! Shulky doesn't get enough attention, and perhaps a few fans might pick up my rom-com The She-Hulk Diaries.

I'm thrilled to have been invited to talk at one of my favorite writing events, Writers with Drinks, hosted by the fabulously talented author and essayist Charlie Jane Anders:

Writers with Drinks
The Make-Out Room
 225 22nd St., San Francisco
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, doors open at 7 PM
October 10, 2019

Now all I have to do is think of something to say. I'm considering reciting a few of the poems that I keep sneaking into books. Here's one of my favorites from The She-Hulk Diaries.


I'll crawl from the primordial sludge
For you.
I'll give up my gills and prehensile appendage
For you.
I'll invent the wheel, I'll discover fire,
Inspired by desire,
For you.
I'll draw your pictograph on cave walls,
I'll slay T.Rex with a sharp rock,
And all
To win your heart.

I know. Don't quit my day job. Too late!