Maya and Lola Between Bouts of Play

All the controversy surrounding the publication of American Dirt, about a Mexican mother escaping danger by crossing the border, motivated me to post a series of tweets today. I absolutely understand why many Latinos and others are offended by the book, I think the bigger issue is the publishing business. Because the business dominates the art.

My books have been published by Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster), Tor (Macmillan), and Hyperion (Disney), and my editors are brilliant and talented women. I stepped away from traditional publishing with my last novel because I wanted to hold onto control of my book -- not so much the story as the direction and my rights. I dearly miss my editors' guidance, wisdom, and friendship. Heaven knows, I miss the copyeditors and proofreaders!

But I don't feel the constant anxiety of failing to fit in a business that always wanted me to be something else.

Well, you can read the tweets, @martaacosta.