I'm delighted to announce that the third book in my Coyote Run series, Howl Like the Wind, is now available! The title comes from a Linda Ronstadt song, Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind, and the lyrics are evocative of this story, set in cold, rainy Coyote Run.

Here's the story summary: 

A fierce Thanksgiving day storm sends Maddie “Mad Girl” Whitney and the Midnight Runners K-9 Search and Rescue team racing to Deadman’s Mountain. They find the victim… 

But that’s only the start of a season of high crimes and mystery. 

Each new crisis leads Maddie and her partner Sheriff Oliver Desjardins back to Deadman’s, the rumored haunt of the Coyote Run Creeper. Soon, Maddie begins wondering if there’s any truth to the legend of a madman living on the mountain. 

Will ghosts from the past keep Maddie from finding her way through a devastating winter into the New Year?

I hope you'll enjoy this new Coyote Run book! The narrative voice is, perhaps, more idiosyncratic than the other books in the series. Or not. I have no way of knowing. As I wrote, I was really missing working with Maggie Crawford, my editor with Simon & Schuster/Gallery. She guided me through my first five novels and taught me so much about plotting and pace.

Maggie was patient and encouraging even though I was a very difficult author. I never agreed with cover art, titles, marketing, etc. My former literary agent Alexandra Machinist, who is brilliant and amazing, once told me, "You are never satisfied."

I was outraged! (Truth be told, being outraged is sort of my baseline emotional state.) Since then, I've come to realize that she was absolutely right: I am never satisfied. I'll eventually write a post declaring, "Alexandra Machinist was absolutely right." I'm honored that she represented me despite me and my books being so unmarketable at that time.

I am still unmarketable because I hate self-promotion and I don't write within categories and I always say the wrong things and I have a million issues. I suggested to another agent that I suspected I might be on the autism spectrum. He said, "Of course you are."

Great news! The Dog Thief has been selected as an Amazon Monthly Deal! It will be discounted to $2.49 from September 1-30, 2022. You can buy it here, and please tell your friends.