I just received Dark Companion bookmarks and post-card size flyers. I think they look wonderful! I'll be taking these items with me when I do local bookstore visits and when I join in on the Tor Teen Book Tour this summer! I'll be going to several cities in the Midwest and West, but I don't know the locations yet.

If you'd like a chance to win a copy of Dark Companion, Goodreads is running a contest for ten copies that ends on June 8.

Only another month until the book's release and the reviews are starting to come in!

Be prepared for Gothic-type mysteries, unusual plot elements and an old-world feel. Fortunately, I found myself enthralled by it's eccentricity and fully enjoyed it.
Giselle, Xpresso Reads 

Dark Companion was an enjoyable and fantastic read that had me turning the pages with smiles and frowns and “WTF” moments. I love books that still remain on in my mind after I finish (in a good way) and this certainly did.
Pixie Lynn Whitfield, The Bookaholic

A warm and delightful YA, full of surprises and unexpected revelations, “Dark Companion” is just the type of novel I hope for when I seek out a YA story.
Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes, Mallory Heart Reviews

Dark Companion gave me the creeps at how believable the storyline was. But as chillingly creepy as it was, it's also beautiful, and one I will love forever.

Dark Companion was wonderful! As soon as I finished reading it last night at around 11pm EST. I got on my iPhone and pre-ordered a copy! I have never done that before.
Jennifer Dream, Hollow Readers

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